CURRENTLY SHOWING at the National Museum of Women in the Arts,

Hung Liu In Print
January 19 – July 8, 2018

Hung Liu In Print invites viewers to explore the relationship between the artist’s multi-layered paintings and the palpable, physical qualities of her works on paper. To make her prints, Liu (b. 1948) uses an array of printing and collage techniques, developing highly textured surfaces, veils of color, and screens of drip marks that transform the figures in each composition. Describing printmaking as “poetry,” she emphasizes the spontaneity of the layering process, which allows each image to build organically with each successive layer.

Before immigrating to California in 1984, Liu grew up during Mao Zedong’s Cultural Revolution in China, where she worked alongside fieldworkers and trained as a painter. Adapting figures from historical Chinese photographs, Liu reimagines antique depictions of laborers, refugees, and prostitutes. Her multifaceted oeuvre probes the human condition and confronts issues of culture, identity, and personal and national history.

Best known as a painter, Liu ably translates the “weeping realism” that characterizes her canvases into the medium of prints. This focus exhibition highlights selected prints from the collection of the National Museum of Women in the Arts as well as the artist’s related tapestry designs.


Hard to Define : Artists’ Books from the Collection
November 20 - March 23 2018

“What are artists’ books ?” is a common question and can be hard to answer. Some look like books, but others don’t. Some are made from paper ; others aren’t. Some have words ; others don’t. But all artists’ books combine form and content in a way that conveys information. On view are selected artists’ books that are, by turns, magical, strange, awe-inspiring, confusing, or humorous.

UPCOMING at the National Museum of Women in the Arts,

JPEG - 72.9 ko
© :BIRGIT JÜRGENSSEN, Ich möchte hier raus ! [Je veux sortir d’ici !], 1976/2006. Photographie noir et blanc, 40 × 30 cm. Courtesy galerie Hubert Winter, Vienne

March 9th - May 28th 2018

Questions about a woman’s “place” resonate in our culture, and conventional ideas about the house as a feminine space persist. This new exhibition forms a sequel to the famous project called “Womanhouse,” developed in 1972 by Judy Chicago and Miriam Schapiro. Similar to their artistic foremothers in the 1970s, the global artists in Womenhouse recast conventional ideas about the home through provocative photographs, videos, sculptures, and room-like installations built with materials ranging from felt to rubber bands. With themes ranging from “Desperate Housewife” to “Dollhouse,” Womenhouse emphasizes the plurality of artists’ views on the home.

Heavy Metal—Women to Watch 2018
June 28th - September 16 2018

The fifth installment of NMWA’s Women to Watch exhibition series showcases contemporary artists working in metal. Featured artists enthusiastically investigate the physical properties and expressive possibilities of metalwork through a wide variety of objects, including sculpture, jewelry, and conceptual forms. The exhibition also engages with the fluidity between “fine” art, design, and craft categories, whose traditional definitions are rooted in gender discrimination. Women to Watch is presented every three years and is a dynamic collaboration between the museum and its national and international outreach committees.

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