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Carmen Mariscal, Cadenas Céramique, Photo : ©️ DupifPhoto.Paris

Carmen Mariscal, LA ESPOSA ESPOSADA (the handcuffed spouse/ wife)

Friday October 12th at 12.30pm

Maison de l’Amérique latine
217, boulevard Saint-Germain
Paris 75007

Les Amis du NMWA take you on a private visit of Carmen Mariscal’s first solo show at La Maison de l’Amérique Latine, Paris. Carmen Mariscal is a Mexican artist, born in Palo Alto Caifornia in 1968.
La Esposa esposada takes its inspiration both in family and personal memories. Through her work, Carmen Mariscal endorses her position as a sensitive and militant woman artist. She deals with the many aspects of the feminist cause in a “soft momentum”.
Carmen Mariscal’s reflexion is a journey from the individual to the more collective aspect of women’s status in marriage/ wedlock.
“Esposa” in Spanish, the spouse, “esposas” handcuffs and”esposada” handcuffed are the perfect linguistic meanings and images to illustrate Carmen Mariscal’s thoughts on women’s conditions in marriage.

The visit will be led by the artist herself and Christine Frérot, exhibition curator.

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